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Yumi-shipping cost by FedEx :

For Europe ,from one to tree Yumi the shipping cost is JPY 19,800

For America and Canada ,from one to tree Yumi the shipping cost is JPY 19,800

For Russia please let us know the postal code and we will be able to inform you if we could send the yumi or not(due the country policy are some aria where we can not send yumi).
For areas wher we are allow to send yumi ,from one to tree Yumi the shipping cost is JPY 19,800.

Due the country policy we can not send Yumi in China ,but for another items it is no problem.

For another country please e-mail us.

Rankings of Yumi - Bows

No1 Sui Tokusei
No2 Jikishin1
No3 Kyuzen-Higosozan

Recommended item

Mizuno BambooCarbon
Summer Weight

Tokusei Sui

Easton Duralumin Shaft Arrow

Kinteki Carbon Arrow